How it works?

The SMS-voting system that event organizers can use for free.

The platform is commonly used on:

  • Beauty pageants
  • Fund raising activities
  • Popularity contest like music awards

How to onboard your event voting campaign on LetsVote

Provide the following:

Name of the Campaign

Name of the Organizer

Hi-Res images – send hi-res images to

(Make sure to send us the original photo)

Name of the Candidates

Campaign period

(Start date, End date, End time)
Get an email confirmation

Wait for an Email confirmation on campaign activation

See published campaign

Once activated, the campaign is automatically published on our website (

How can users/fans vote?

1. User has to send a text message to 8933. Format is VOTE <candidate_unique_code>

Each candidate has their own unique code for voting.

(ex. VOTE YR3 and send to 8933)
1 Text VOTE HF1 to 8933
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How to view SMS voting results

Voting campaigns are also published on our website ( where voting results are shown in real-time.
Voting View